Our world is a complex interchange of numerous factors. The biological precision that nature requires has been established over millions of years by nature itself. For what man develops, we need man-made precision; otherwise, we could not switch on a light, use a phone or fly by plane

Though more and applications demand micron precision, we do not always need to "split the micron".Sometimes,it is the output of a high-volume production system that counts; at other times, what counts is flexibility.

In each and every case, you can rely on our solutions - in every aspect, in its entirety and down to the very last micron.

SMTPL Need based Inventory - Boon to our customers!

One of our unique offerings is our Need Based Inventory System that enablesus to manage YOUR critical inventory systematically. Through the NBI System we process blanket orders with larger lot sizes. We shipthe required quantity against your schedules on a timely manner

On NBI system dramatically lowers your unit cost, ensures on-time delivery of parts and better cash flow for you.

Documentation for traceability

Traceability becomes a crucial benefit for you when you deal with SMTPL. Every job is documented meticulously, summarizing the process, commenting on the pattern,providing and storing digital images, and recording test data.This assures that the learning curve of every job is retained.

Digital pictures of patterns/toolinf/fixtures/gauge are entered into a database with exact locations recorded. And just in case something needs to be traced back, the reqiured data is available.